SOUNDPAYMENTS | Leadership Team
Meet the senior executives that make up the Sound Payments leadership team - using lean six sigma strategies to lead the way to a more affordable, innovative, semi-integrated payments solutions for small to medium businesses in the retail, healthcare and banking industries.
Semi-integration, semi-integrated payments, payment solutions, ISV, ISO, Resellers, cloud services, software as a solution (SaaS), health care technology, practice management systems, practice management companies, EMV, PCI, POS
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Leadership Team

Senior Executive Leaders

Andrew P. Russell
Abhay V. Trivedi
Executive Vice President, Operations
Mike Parker
Vice President, ISV Channel

Management Team

Michelle Danisovszky
Vice President of Marketing
Walter Allen
Senior Vice President
National Sales Manager, ISV Channel
Mildred Chan
Director of Product Management
Brian Cutler
Vice President
Sound Payments Health Solutions