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Here’s what we recommend for your business

The Cost-Effective Handheld POS

For merchants who want a full featured point-of-sale system and the flexibility of a handheld Mobile POS device, the A920 with the Sound POS platform is the perfect, cost-effective solution. 

  • Easy Installation
  • Simple to Maintain
  • Compact Design
  • Customizable Screens
  • High Capacity Battery
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G
  • Built-in NFC Contactless
  • Unprecedented Security

More Sound POS solutions for your business

The Integrated Smart POS


The PAX E600 with Sound POS software is a high-performance POS device that can operate as a countertop POS system and a handheld mobile device. With it’s dual-facing displays, both merchants and customers can experience a reliable, smooth, and secure checkout.

The Versatile Modern POS


The E700, with Sound POS innovative cloud-based POS software, combines Electronic Cash Register and Consumer Payments functionality into a single, ergonomic solution, reducing merchant hardware costs and eliminating clutter at the point-of-sale.


The Cost-Effective, Handheld POS


The PAX A920 with Sound POS gives merchants the ability to checkout customers at the counter or use it remotely for line busting, home deliveries, or to take orders and payments anywhere in the store. It is an ideal mobile solution for businesses such as small restaurants, food trucks, home repair services, farmers markets, and more, that need a mobile POS solution to reach their customers.


The A920 comes with a 5” high-definition tablet color display, an integrated camera, high-speed thermal printer, and high-capacity battery to meet the daily demands across all Retail or Hospitality environments. The high-speed thermal printer is neatly hidden below to maximize screen usage for customer facing transactions. A wide range of advanced connectivity options are supported, as well as built-in NFC contactless, electronic signature capture and massive amounts of memory to enable exceptionally fast processing of applications.


With Sound POS A920, merchants get a highly functional, simple to use all-in-one mobile POS solution with integrated payments and our feature-rich back-office Cloud portal for remote store management.

Hardware Specifications

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