SOUNDPAYMENTS | Banking Technology Solutions (BTS)
Sound Payments Banking Technology Solutions provides best-in-class branch, online and mobile banking technology solutions that are normally only available at larger financial institutions. Sound Payments Banking Technology Solutions is a subsidiary of Sound Payments, a multi-channel, diversified technology company that delivers innovative technology and software solutions in the Payments, Healthcare and Financial Services Industries.
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Sound Payments Banking Technology Solutions (BTS) provides best-in-class branch, online and mobile banking technology solutions that are normally only available at the larger financial institutions. Sound Payments BTS is a channel of Sound Payments, a multi-channel, diversified technology company that delivers innovative technology and software solutions in the PaymentsPetro and Financial Services Industries.

Sound Payments continuously researches and evaluates technological advancements and trends to bring the best features to its solutions. We offer unique tools such as payroll, multiple deposit and more payment options as well as atypical features like our Virtual Vault.



Our team has worked hard to deliver solutions to the market that are more affordable, especially for small and medium sized financial institutions. The premise behind branch automation is to actually help a bank or credit union reduce operational expenses while providing better customer service.

Online and Mobile Banking Solutions


Are you ready to provide a better banking experience for your customers and differentiate your financial institution in a highly competitive marketplace? Our platform was created with an innovative mindset — truly unique tools and design features that make online/mobile banking easier for consumers while supporting growth at small and medium-sized banks and credit unions. Put simply —  we provide more than just a single, easy-to-use online and mobile banking platform. Its features and solutions are atypical of an online banking platform and will WOW consumers and businesses with a revolutionary banking experience.

Branch Automation Solutions


Bank and credit union branches have traditionally served as the epicenter for processing banking transactions by human tellers. Despite the growth of mobile and digital services in the financial industry, the branch remains the number one channel for sales and consumer/business communications. Our Branch Automation supports the same functionality at a branch while reducing the cost of services by more that half.

Reallocate personnel, lower overhead cost and reduce operational expenses.

Our kiosks are half the size of the average kiosk in the market and the platform offers four language options (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese). 

Kiosks offers the functionality of the most advanced ATMs but in addition the ability to print official checks, deposit to multiple/third party accounts, make loan and credit card payments, and many more features, all while dispensing up to 8 currency denominations. When it comes to improving maintenance, the kiosks are also cash recyclers, eliminating the time-consuming need of manually packing currency into cartridges but instead with the simplicity of reloading cash in bulk through its cash slot. Performing any function a live teller handles for customers, the kiosks provide a means for banks to expand through satellite branches or loan production offices at the fraction of the cost that is required with a full service banking center. 

We differentiate your branch! 

  • No ATM host network needed
  • Centralized kiosk network management
  • Low-cost and next-day maintenance services
  • Secure kiosk registration and login
Kiosk Features

Kiosks that can perform typical teller transactions:

  • Deposit bulk checks and cashes
  • Dispenses up to 8 denominations
  • Coin dispensing is an option
  • Transfer funds between accounts and customers
  • Withdrawal check (Cashier’s check) printing
  • Credit card cash advance
  • Deposits to multiple/third party accounts
  • Loan/credit card payments
  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprint recognition Finger/Palm recognition
  • Daily settlement reports
  • As the modern branch continues to improve its efficiency, automation and recycling technology are in high demand. With a high processing speed, large capacity and multi-denomination support capabilities, our TCR is a top-notch assistant for your Financial Institution!

    • Self-owned cash recycling technology
    • Serial Number Tracking
    • Premier Security
    • Multi-denomination support
    • Multi-operator support

    The Sound Vault is the ideal solution that supports branch automation and a convenient solution to offer your business customers for a monthly fee. Integrated with our Cloud, cash deposits can be monitored from any desktop. 

    • Efficient application
    • Affordable
    • Reliable quality & durability
    • Compact design
    • High-speed counting
    • Automatic crediting
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Real-time deposit information

    The Teller Window Kiosk is also a support for the teller to improve efficiency and accelerate transactions at the teller window while increasing security and virtually eliminating fraud from impersonators. The device also allows for advertising, cash advances and account withdrawal options. The device is a part of our branch automation, customer-centric model. 

    It combines tablet technology with secure transaction options in a ruggedized design. The Aries 8 represents the next generation of branch automation technology. The ergonomic design allows Aries 8 to be stand mounted.  The pistol style handle, vibrant 8” display, and embedded payment module enable mobile applications as well. 

    • Display advertising
    • Cash advance
    • Account withdrawal
    • Identification with debit card and pin
    • Identification with facial recognition and pin