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Reseller Incentive Program

Earn More from Sound POS Sales


What is the Sound POS Reseller Incentive Program? 

An incentive points-based program based off of subscriptions sales to help our resellers’ ISOs/agents to significantly increase subscription sales (monthly SaaS fees) in 2023.

How much can I make with the Reseller Incentive Program? 

The top three agents who earn the most points and have at least 50 points will receive an incentive.

  • The top sales agent will receive an incentive from Sound Payments of $2,000
  • The second place agent will receive an incentive from Sound Payments of $1,000
  • The third place agent will receive an incentive of $500

How are points calculated? 

1 subscription = 1 points

What is a subscription? 

A subscription is a monthly SAAS fee paid by the merchant for each device. One merchant may have multiple subscriptions, which each count as 1 point.

When does the program start and end? 

The program will run for three months. Please see your registration email for exact start and end dates. 

How will I know what place I’m in? 

Sound Payments will provide Resellers with a unique leaderboard webpage that will show the agents’ points and who is in the lead. This leaderboard will be updated every two weeks and an email update to the agents will be sent out. 

Will Sound Payments show any sensitive business information? 

No. We will only use the Reseller’s name to track subscriptions. We will not show merchant details or dollar amounts. 

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Reseller Incentive Program? 

Agents can start at any time. In order to qualify for the incentives, agents must sell a minimum of 50 subscriptions during the duration of the program.

Program Registration

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