SOUNDPAYMENTS | Michelle Danisovszky, Vice President of Marketing
Michelle Danisovszky is Vice President of Marketing at Sound Payments Inc. Michelle leads marketing and communications for the company’s ISV, Banking and Health channels. She has more than 10 years of experience in public relations, marketing and governmental affairs. Michelle has a proven record of accomplishments with implementing marketing and communication plans and in media relations.
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Christina Taylor

Vice President of Operations


Christina Taylor is Vice President of Operations at Sound Payments. She has more than 19 years in the Payments industry with 17 years of experience in Operations & People Management including; Contact Center, Offshore Operations, Process Improvement, Account Management, Order Operations, Budget Management, Logistics and Change Management. Taylor has a recognized history of developing high-performing, results driven teams through employee engagement and a client-focused culture in a climate of rapid change.


Taylor loves the beach and boating with her family and friends, especially with a good cigar. She also likes anything on the water or outdoors.

Christina Taylor, Director of Operations
What attracted you to the FinTech industry and Sound Payments Inc.?
What is your focus at Sound Payments?
How do you create value and what do you enjoy the most?
What would be the top two most interesting places you visited and what was the most memorable moment?
What are your top two favorite books?