Company Mission: To provide cutting-edge, simplified technology solutions to merchants, health care practices and financial institutions that are currently burdened by expensive, complex and ineffective software. Our company's vision is to improve lives worldwide and foster business growth by delivering better technology and software solutions in the Payments, Healthcare and Financial Services Industries.
Semi-integration, semi-integrated payments, payment solutions, ISV, ISO, Resellers, cloud services, software as a solution (SaaS), health care technology, practice management systems, practice management companies, EMV, PCI, POS
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Sound Payments - Integration Made Easy
Sound Payments COVID-19 Update


We know there is a lot of information about COVID-19 and safety is our first priority. Within the guidelines of staying home and social distancing, Sound Payments is working hard to ensure our partners and clients do not experience additional stresses and worries. We are doing everything in our power to continue serving you in the way that you have come to expect.


Sound Payments employees are hard at work to develop and enhance our product offerings.  We are finding creative ways to support businesses during this time and we will continue to do our best to assist you in your endeavors.  If there is anything we can do to assist, please reach out to us via our support hotline at 844-896-5842 or


I would also invite you to stay connected with us on social media (LinkedInFacebook and Twitter) as we are publishing a series of short video clips from team members to demonstrate how we are supporting businesses during this time.

Stay well and safe during this unprecedented time.




Andrew Russell


Sound Payments Inc.

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