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Industry Challenges

The Electric Vehicle market is rapidly expanding in the United States economy as a result of the government’s effort to reduce emissions and the car manufacturers commitment to go all electric. It is expected that by 2040, 60 percent of vehicle sales will be electric.
Our solution allows us to work with all vendors and we can customize the solution. Currently, the charging stations have a touch screen with CRT. When we replace the CRT with our device, the customer will be able to do everything from our device.
Many charging stations require people to download an app which is time consuming and not customer-friendly through a cumbersome and rigid registration process. Our solutions do not require customers to download cumbersome applications and they can use any credit or debit card, tap to pay or NFC to pay for charging EVs.
Additionally, the government entities are requiring a physical payment option as part of their roll-out of EV charging stations funded by federal dollars. Standardization will be necessary for the general public and to make charging simple for everyone.