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Struggling with the high cost of upgrading fuel dispensers to accept EMV cards? Sound Easy Pump™ is a unique retrofit payment solution for the petroleum industry that is cost-effective, PCI compliant, and accepts EMV, Mag-Stripe, and Contactless payment transactions directly at the pump. Independent stations can now meet industry requirements without the need to purchase new pumps and close stations for installation. The platform is also flexible to support future innovations.

Which Payment Path with you Choose for your EMV Upgrade?

Enhanced Startup Premium

With a larger initial upfront cost, your station’s monthly costs will be low. We estimate an EMV upgrade for a station with 4 fueling points to cost one-third less then replacing the pump or upgrading with a pump manufacturer kit.

Our low monthly subscription fee covers 24/7 technical support, software upgrades for EMV and PCI compliance.

Spread Out Monthly

We offer flexible options to roll your initial installation and hardware costs into your monthly subscription rate. With this option, your upfront costs will be minimal, but your monthly station costs will be higher.

Our low monthly subscription fee covers 24/7 technical support, software upgrades for EMV and PCI compliance.


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EMV Upgrade Guide

Sound Easy Pump™ Installation – Gilbarco Pumps

Here we present an example of an EMV upgrade at the “Mega Saver” 16-point fueling station in Omaha, NE. We upgraded their Gilbarco pumps with the Sound Easy Pump™.

Step 1

Remove the old card reader and pin pad.

Step 2

Precut inserts are used to fill in the spaces left by the old card reader and pin pad. The existing bracket and nuts/bolts/screws are used.

Step 3

Mount in the Sound Easy Pump™/IM20 bracket where the original pin pad was.

Step 4

IM20 preconfigured to the site is mounted to the bracket and power cable attached and plugged in. Plug in the preconfigured IM20. Boarding for the site has been done prior to install and any changes can be performed remotely. On screen Verify WiFi connectivity is established for communication to the indoor bridge.

Step 5

Close up the pump, power on, and test a fueling transaction.

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