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Quantum Cloud Based EMV Compliant Petro Solutions

Sound Payments Shows Commitment to Setting Standards for the Petroleum Industry

Hosts Petroleum Non-Profit Conexxus in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Aug. 29, 2019) – Sound Payments is committed to setting standards in the petroleum industry and was pleased to host Conexxus, a non-profit, member-driven technology organization dedicated to the development and implementation of standards, innovation, and advocacy for the convenience store and petroleum market.

Sound Payments is a member of Conexxus, and its Petroleum Channel Sales and Product Director Cory Schlegel has served as chairman of the Conexxus Forecourt Device Controller Committee since 2018. The committee met this week in Jacksonville to address technology standards to improve business processes, reduce costs and increase productivity for the convenience and fuel retail industry.

“We are happy to bring together the industry’s leaders and brightest minds to share common knowledge and facilitate a better working environment for the petroleum industry as a whole,” Schlegel said. “This committee is important to the industry because it helps provide options for station owners.”

Setting standards for the industry allows the customer to have the choice and for vendors to be able to work with more forecourt controllers.

Sound Payments offers the only cost-effective, retrofit payment solution that enables EMV at the pump for stations with EMV Easy Pump™. With the petroleum industry mandating the move to EMV by 2020, stations can cost-effectively enable EMV at the pump without full construction and meet industry requirements while eliminating the need to close their stations for several weeks.

“We are committed to adhering to industry standards, which provide a common way to communicate between devices,” said Bill Pittman, Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategy for Sound Payments. “This results in devices seamlessly working together, making it easier for stations to upgrade technology when needed.”

EMV Easy Pump™ is PCI compliant and accepts EMV, Mag-Stripe and Contactless payment transactions directly at the pump. The Sound Payments cloud adheres to internal systems and interfaces with standard industry protocols. The deployment and industry strategy ensure a seamless transition and minimizes downtime by phasing deployment while also giving the option to temporarily run the old and new system simultaneously.

About Sound Payments

Sound Payments is a multi-channel, diversified technology company, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, that creates simplified, innovative solutions in the payments, petroleum and financial services industries. Petro Solutions cost-effectively and easily enables EMV at the pump for stations with EMV Easy Pump. For more information, visit www.SoundPayments.com.


Michelle Danisovszky