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Andrew Russell


Andrew P. Russell is President of Sound Payments Inc. Russell leads a team of innovators in offering the best in software development, state-of-the-art equipment, unparalleled technical and customer service delivery, advanced security and compliance, training, and double digit ROI for customers and shareholders.

Andrew P. Russell - Sound Payments Solutions for Health, Commerce & Banking
Scott McArthur, Senior Vice President, Commerce Solutions & Technology

Scott McArthur

Senior VP & Chief Technology Officer

Scott McArthur is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. He is an accomplished leader with a demonstrated history of successful IT implementations delivered on-time and within budget expectations. McArthur is a confident and patient mentor that has helped guide several employees, many of whom are now Directors or Senior Managers for major companies.

Scott McArthur, Senior Vice President, Commerce Solutions & Technology

Mike White

Senior VP, Petroleum Division

Mike White is Senior Vice President of the Petroleum Division at Sound Payments. He has extensive experience in the payments industry and has had success at every level.  Mike is experienced with building, training, leading, mentoring sales teams and substantially increasing revenue at companies.

Bill Pittman, Senior Vice President Sales and Strategy
Scott McArthur, Senior Vice President, Commerce Solutions & Technology

Michelle Danisovszky

VP, Marketing

Michelle Danisovszky is Vice President of Marketing at Sound Payments Inc. Danisovszky leads marketing and communications for the company and works with the company partners to support their efforts. She has more than 15 years of experience in public relations, marketing and governmental affairs. Danisovszky has a proven record of accomplishments with implementing marketing and communication plans and in media relations. For the past 5+ years, she has worked with several start-up companies to help successfully bring products and services to the market.

Scott McArthur, Senior Vice President, Commerce Solutions & Technology

Christina Taylor

SVP, Operations

Christina Taylor is Senior Vice President of Operations at Sound Payments. She has more than 20 years in the Payments/FinTech industry with 18 years in Operations Management (at companies like GO Software and Verifone). Her experience includes; Change Management, Process Improvement, Client Implementation, Account Management, Technical Support, Automation, Budget Management, Offshore Operations and Order Management. Taylor has a recognized history of creating exceptional client experiences and results driven teams through employee development and a client-focused culture.

Christina Taylor, Director of Operations
Scott McArthur, Senior Vice President, Commerce Solutions & Technology

Walter Allen

National Sales Manager, Sound POS

Walter Allen is the National Sales Manager for Sound POS for Sound Payments Inc. He is responsible for driving overall subscription sales and revenue and developing long-term partnerships. Walter is a 30-year veteran in the payments field having held executive-level sales and business development positions at Verifone, Hypercom, Powa, ID Tech, and NTN Payment Systems.

Scott McArthur, Senior Vice President, Commerce Solutions & Technology

Ray Prothero

VP, Petro Products & Programs

Raymond Prothero is new to the Sound Payments team and is Vice President of the Petroleum Division in both Product and Program execution. Prothero leads his team in building best in class designing, building and delivery of Sound Payments Petro solutions. Prothero is a firm believer of building for quality, scalability and efficiency. In his past roles Prothero has served both in the field as a Program/Project consulting manager, solutions architect and solutions engineer. His customers ranged from small scale single site integrations to full enterprise rollouts of varying innovative technical solutions for the Petro market.

Christina Taylor, Director of Operations

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