SOUNDPAYMENTS | Online and Mobile Banking
Sound Payments Banking Technology Solutions provides best-in-class branch, online and mobile banking technology solutions that are normally only available at larger financial institutions. Sound Payments Banking Technology Solutions is a subsidiary of Sound Payments, a multi-channel, diversified technology company that delivers innovative technology and software solutions in the Payments, Healthcare and Financial Services Industries.
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Online and Mobile Banking Solutions


Consumers and Businesses expect consistency across all devices. The platform’s unified, intuitive and customizable platform offers innovative features wrapped by a modern design.


In a world where technology and convenience are a way of life, financial institutions must provide more tools and features than ever before that support fast-paced, digital lifestyles. Sound Payments BTS delivers a revolutionary banking experience, supported by technical professionals and banking experts, at a low price point.


Sound Payments BTS brings innovation, efficiency and simplicity to the banking experience for consumers and businesses. Our unified online and mobile banking design and functionality across all devices brings numerous benefits, but what makes our platform unique are the tools that it boasts such as a virtual vault, advanced bill pay, an eComm store and much more. It was built with growth in mind — to provide new revenue streams and behavioral analytics that gives critical marketing insights for banks and credit unions. Sound Payments BTS delivers the functionality of a larger financial institution while offering even more features like a simplified transfer process to move money among accounts, as well as external recipients, and more ways to view account details.

Sound Payments BTS includes dual SAC (Secure Access Code) approval process with enhanced security for fund management.


  • Alerts - Consumers can easily set up account, transaction and security alerts.
  • Secure Access Code - Rest assured that accounts are safe with the Secure Access Code requirements at log in and an additional layer of security for the vault.

Our simplified transfer option on the home page makes moving money easy while the Transfer Center provides guidance on all available options.


Consumers can move money by internal and external transfers, member-to-member transfer, person-to-person pay, domestic and international wire, ACH, payroll, and even options to transfer funds to a charitable organization or investment account.



  • Simplify - Consumers have the ability to transfer funds on the snapshot screen by simply choosing the accounts and moving the scroll bar from left to right.
  • Consumer Friendly - The Transfer Center provides guidance for consumers on the numerous options to transfer funds.
  • Fast Navigation - The flow of the site allows consumers to quickly access the transfer options from multiple locations on the site.
  • More Options - Consumers have many options to transfer money, including Internal and External Transfers, member-to-member transfers, person-to-person, domestic and international wire and even to a charitable organization or to your own retirement or investment account.


Depositing multiple checks has never been easier. Consumers can remotely deposit checks from their desktop by scanning or taking a picture of the check and then dragging the images to the page. This feature is also available on our mobile app by taking a picture of the front and back of the check using your smart phone.
Sound Payments BTS’ Advanced Bill Pay allows consumers to simply take a picture of a bill and let technology handle the rest.

eComm gives business members an opportunity to increase revenue and have an online presence at a low price while providing an additional revenue stream for financial institutions.


  • Business Perks - Offer a tool that can help your small business members grow.
  • Easy-to-Use - eComm is built with an intuitive approach that makes it easy for everyone to use.

The Vault provides a secure digital platform to house sensitive documents, including living wills, passports, birth certificates, passwords and legal documents.


  • Secure - The Virtual Vault adds a second layer of security, requiring an additional 4-digit pin.
  • Accessibility - Access important documents no matter where you are located.
  • Get Organized - Consumers and businesses have many options to organize files by main folders and sub-folders.

Sound Payments BTS comes with analytic options for both financial institutions and their consumers.

Banks and credit unions gain valuable insights with online behavioral analytics while analytical tools provide consumers a better view of their finances.


  • Know Your Customer - Behavioral analytics gives financial institutions the marketing intelligence to make better decisions that deliver results.
  • Customize Services - Use behavioral analytics to customize for different audiences.
  • Easy to Use - Financial institutions will find the tools available intuitive and easy-to-use.
  • Give Your Customers More - With account analytics, consumers and businesses have more ways to view account details, resulting in better financial planning.