Sound Payments partners with PAX Technologies to offer leading POS Payment Terminal Devices. Through our subscription services, industry leading POS Payment Terminal Devices are at your fingertips for a fraction of the price.
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Through our subscription services, industry leading POS Payment Terminal Devices are at your fingertips for a fraction of the price. Sound Payments partners with PAX Technologies to offer leading POS Payment Terminal Devices. Your hardware capital expenditure costs can be avoided by choosing a rental model as part of the monthly subscription. If choosing the monthly subscription option, you are eligible for equipment upgrades as your term ends. This allows you to keep pace with the payment innovations happening in the US market, specifically for the wallet and other payment forms.


We recognize that in some cases, purchasing the device might better fit the needs of the customer. For those cases, we offer competitive market pricing on one-time hardware purchases.


Have questions? We want to hear from you. Contact us below or call (904) 515-6503.

A920 Payment Tablet Terminal

A920 is the world’s first tablet mobile terminal, a fashionable and compact payment device powered by the Android operating platform. The A920 comes with a large high definition tablet colour display and a super fast thermal printer that is neatly hidden below so as to maximize screen usage for customer facing transactions. A wide range of advanced connectivity options are supported, as well as inbuilt NFC contactless, electronic signature capture and massive amounts of memory to enable exceptionally fast processing of applications.

S300 Integrated Retail PINpad

The S300 is the latest integrated retail payment solution for multilane merchants who wish to offer high levels of transactional security combined with contactless, e-Signature, magnetic stripe and Chip & PIN. With state of the art levels of security design, including PCI PTS 3.x and SRED, the S300 protects and encrypts all transaction information. Featuring a large colour touch screen and loudspeaker, the S300 comes with a 32- bit ARM11 processor and massive amounts of memory for exceptional multimedia performance. With USB and LAN connectivity options, the S300 offers everything merchants could want in a sleek, stylish payment device.

D210 Mobile Payment Terminal

Ensuring transactional security with PCI PTS 4.x certification, the D210 streamlines payment transactions and enables merchants to offer value-added services and provide a provide a high-tech and user-friendly customer interaction.

PX5 Retail Multi-Lane Terminal
Introducing PAX’s new retail multi-lane terminal – the PX5. Small footprint but with the biggest display and highest resolution of any mid-sized terminal in the industry. The superior communication options of the PX5 and its open architecture software development environment meet the needs for fully or semi-integrated with the POS configurations alike.
PX7 Retail Multi-Lane Terminal
 Introducing PAX’s new retail multi-lane terminal – the PX7. Its sleek design makes it look more like a tablet than a payment terminal. Its large high resolution colour screen, enabling high quality screen capture and showcasing your advertising campaigns, is housed in an ergonomic case that is small and thin.

The beautifully designed D200 streamlines payment into a unique personal program, and you can now take all your value-added applications on the D200 to provide a high-tech and user-friendly customer interaction point.


PAX’s MT30 is a fully featured customer-facing, multilane POS device which offers retailers an innovative branding channel. Combining high-security payment, outstanding durability and PCI compliance, the MT30 features a responsive capacitive touch screen and electrostatic pen to enable electronic signature capture and excellent finger touch responsiveness.