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Sound Payments works with technology and business partners in each of its channels – Banking, Commerce and Petro. We are proud to partner with the following companies to deliver innovative, simplified technology solutions. Have questions about how our partnership work? Let’s chat. For more information, contact us at (904) 515-6503.
Semi-integration, semi-integrated payments, payment solutions, ISV, ISO, Resellers, cloud services, software as a solution (SaaS), health care technology, practice management systems, practice management companies, EMV, PCI, POS
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Sound Payments Petro Solutions Partners

Featured Partners

Freedom Electronics

For more than 20 years, Freedom Electronics has been the trusted source for new and rebuilt fuel dispenser, POS, and Automatic Tank Gauge spare parts. Customers choose Freedom as their preferred supplier due to excellent customer service, accurate fulfillment of orders and maximum equipment uptime. Top PEI distributors are attracted by the high quality of parts at attractive prices and stay loyal because Freedom is easy to do business with and offers value-added services unique to the industry.


National Retail Solutions, Inc. (NRS), a subsidiary of IDT (NYSE: IDT) offers a point-of-sale (POS) platform for independent c-stores, gas stations, liquor and tobacco stores nationwide. The NRS platform provides robust hardware with powerful merchant software to help retailers compete more effectively, organize their business, attract customers and increase revenue. the POS includes a customer loyalty discount program, 1-touch Boss Revolution® pinless recharge, seamless integration with NRS PAY (and other) credit card processing, and more. With ads on customer-facing screens, during both in and out of transaction, manufacturers and advertisers can leverage the NRS platform to reach a broad, multicultural, urban consumer demographic. NRS’ credit card processing division, NRS PAY, offers card processing services which integrate seamlessly with the point of sale system or can be used independently, in any industry; POS, online, or on-the-go with intuitive mobile software. NRS is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT).  For more information, visit


PetroTech POS is a Point of Sale (POS) software that is designed to satisfy the needs of the modern petroleum industry. This has led the software to be user-friendly, functionally rich and robust in overall performance. PetroTech POS comes with unbeatable security and EMV compliance inside the store and at the Gas Pump. Let our cutting-edge technology and user-friendly software help you to elevate and optimize your business to the next level.



Icon Payments

Coastal Payment Systems

Protech POS


Sound Payments Petro Solutions Associations





Florida Petroleum Marketers Association

Texas Food and Fuel Association

Petroleum Marketers Association of America

Georgia Association of Convenience Stores

Indiana Food and Fuel

NJ Petro Association

California Fuel and Convenience Association

Ohio Petroleum Marketers Association

Western Petroleum Marketers Association

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