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Cloud-Based Semi-Integrated Payment Solution

Quantum Cloud Enables any POS System to connect to semi-integrated payment devices via the Internet.

Quantum Cloud’s innovative architecture eliminates all the IP
addressing and Firewall issues that plague POS developers
when trying to connect their applications to semi-integrated
payment devices via the Internet. Take advantage of the
benefits of a cloud-based semi-integrated payment solution
with our simple API.

The combination of these solutions improves how
merchants conduct business at a cost that is financially


Supports all major US payment processors with access to multiple device brands. Simple POS pairing.

Easily add new services via the Quantum Cloud API without payment terminal applications or processor certifications.

Simple API to Quantum Cloud enables full set of payment transactions and supports a variety of manufacturer payment devices

EMV certified; removes POS from PCI scope

Physical connection between POS & terminal not required.

Simple API and developer tools for integration; one integration center.

Cloud Integration

Sound Payments’ unique integration method makes it easier for ISVs and merchants to interface to Cloud Solutions®. This innovative way of connecting cash and Point of Sale (POS) systems and cash register systems to payment devices greatly reduces the time for development and also removes the need for end to end certifications.

Our solutions allow for connection to any device that has Internet support, regardless of the type of connection. Our simple API (application programming interface) is designed to hide the complexity of transaction processing in the new age of EMV. With sensitive data not reaching the register, the PCI scope is reduced. Only data allowed is shared from the terminal device to the register.

Ease of Integration/Support


Simple device to POS pairing (without merchant intervention)


Simple API for integration


Developer tools for easy integration


Supports multiple integration types: JSON, XML, SOAP


Remote Monitoring – Devices and Transactions

ecomm dashboard Mobile POS

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