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Scott McArthur

Senior Vice President, Commerce Solutions & Chief Technology Officer

Scott McArthur is Senior Vice President of the Commerce Solutions channel and Chief Technology Officer. He is an accomplished leader with a demonstrated history of successful IT implementations delivered on-time and within budget expectations. McArthur is a confident and patient mentor that has helped guide several employees, many of whom are now Directors or Senior Managers for major companies. Some of his skills and accomplishments include:

• Able to effectively manage expectations of executive leadership as well as business partners.

• Proven financial fiscal responsibility with project, departmental, and multi-year initiative budgets ranging from $50K to $346M.

• Strategic planner that provides insight and guidance to business partners to achieve objectives.

• Skilled in vendor management leading to mutually assured success through product and process improvement.

• Successfully able to build top performing teams of professionals by providing leadership, resources, and
motivation to meet departmental and company objectives.

• Knowledgeable in several software development approaches (Waterfall, Iterative, Prototyping,Agile, and others)
and able to leverage the appropriate method to attain project objectives.

• Strong leader who fosters development of others to establish a viable succession plan.