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Processor Agnostic, Cloud-Based

Payment Solution


for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Sound Easy Charge™ is a simple and secure outdoor payment hardware and software solution.
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Contactless via tap or NFC
  • QR code scanning
  • PIN-on-glass
  • MSR and EMV chip and pin 
It works with existing stations and applications that are currently limiting customers payment options and can be installed at new station locations as the market grows at retailers, malls, restaurants, parking companies and more.

Our solution can handle payments, interact with the client, provide marketing ads, supply loyalty programs, and provide surveillance security. Also, all the data is available in our cloud, which provides access to configure, setup, and review how all electric car charging stations are doing remotely.

Why Sound Easy Charge?


  • We are processor agnostic – you choose who you work with. 
  • We are hardware agnostic – you have that choice as well.
  • Cloud-based solution – easy set up and maintenance
  • A focus on superior customer service
  • Model proven in the petro industry 
  • Pricing – Flexible SAAS payment option

Customizable, Cloud-Based System

Sound Payments provides customized payment solutions. Partnering with Sound Payments to integrate a payment solution will give you the flexibility to support multiple charging modes on the same device — all under our partners’ branding and name. No matter how our partner wants to set it up, our cloud-based, customized approach can meet the need.

Our solution can handle payments, interact with the client, provide marketing ads, supply loyalty programs, and provide surveillance security. Also, all the data is available in our cloud, which provides access to configure, setup, and review how all electric car charging stations are doing remotely.

Full Customer Experience

  • Our team can build a full customer experience with the IM30 or a similar device that enables the customer selection and payment experience to be combined. 
  • This would include a single screen and a payment solution that is PCI compliant, and accepts EMV, Mag-Stripe, and Contactless payment transactions directly at the charging unit.
  • It also allows for integrating into existing loyalty programs to drive additional incentives for reuse of the charger, upgrading to faster charging modes, or uplift of sales in-store. 

Cloud Based System

This is a cloud-based solution that enables you to see data across multiple devices in multiple locations. It supports all major US payment processors and allows for simplified device pairing. The solution is EMV certified and removes the POS from PCI scope. Easily add new services via the Quantum Cloud API without payment terminal applications or processor certifications. A physical connection between the POS and terminal is not required.

Sound Easy Charge Devices



NexGo UN20

Benefits of Sound Easy Charge™

Supports all major US payment processors with access to multiple device brands

Easily add new services via the Quantum Cloud API without payment terminal applications or processor certifications.

Simple API to Quantum Cloud enables full set of payment transactions and supports a variety of manufacturer payment devices.

EMV certified; removes POS from PCI scope

Doesn’t require physical connection between POS & terminal

One integration center

EV Charging Station – Physical Payments Multi-Lane 

Sound Payment’s Multi-Lane option has a single payment kiosk that speaks to multiple charging stations. Using an IM30 or a similar device that enables the customer selection and payment experience to be combined. 

This would include a single screen and a payment solution that is PCI compliant, and accepts EMV, Mag-Stripe, and Contactless payment transactions at a payment kiosk while also integrating into existing loyalty programs to drive additional incentives for reuse of the charger, upgrading to faster charging modes, or uplift of sales in-store.

Kiosk Host to Host Solution


    • EV software is out of PCI scope
    • Leverages Simple Host-to-Host API
    • Allows charging at multiple stations but eliminating the need for individual payment systems.
* Can be mitigated with 4G LTE SIM Card

Industry Challenges

The Electric Vehicle market is rapidly expanding in the United States economy as a result of the government’s effort to reduce emissions and the car manufacturers commitment to go all electric. It is expected that by 2040, 60 percent of vehicle sales will be electric.
Our solution allows us to work with all vendors and we can customize the solution. Currently, the charging stations have a touch screen with CRT. When we replace the CRT with our device, the customer will be able to do everything from our device.
Many charging stations require people to download an app which is time consuming and not customer-friendly through a cumbersome and rigid registration process. Our solutions do not require customers to download cumbersome applications and they can use any credit or debit card, tap to pay or NFC to pay for charging EVs.
Additionally, the government entities are requiring a physical payment option as part of their roll-out of EV charging stations funded by federal dollars. Standardization will be necessary for the general public and to make charging simple for everyone.

Proven Solution in the Petroleum Industry


Sound Payments entered the petroleum market a couple of years ago with Sound Easy Pump, a unique retrofit payment solution for the petroleum industry that is cost-effective, PCI compliant, and accepts EMV, Mag-Stripe, and Contactless payment transactions directly at the pump. Independent stations can now meet industry requirements without expensive upgrades or closing stations for several weeks. Now Sound Easy Pump is a proven, simplified method with 1500 fueling points installed across the country. It was built so that it could be compatible with any dispenser that is connected with Commander, Passport or Fusion even if there is no existing card reader. We can implement similar technology that is secure and customized.

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