SOUNDPAYMENTS | Take Another Look Webinar
Sound Payments is a multi-channel, diversified technology company with innovators and experts in the Payments, Petroleum and Financial Services Industries. Our company supports business growth worldwide by providing cutting-edge, simplified software and hardware solutions in multiple industries.
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Take Another Look at Sound Easy Pump

Endorsed by PAX Technologies, Sound Easy Pump™ has an answer to enable EMV without full construction. Our unique approach to this market allows it to provide a cost-effective multi-point, cloud-based solution that delivers EMV without the many hassles of traditional installation.

Sound Easy Pump™ is a low-cost, simplified option for stations eliminating the need to replace pumps and tear up concrete. It’s installed with a retrofit kit and the platform is flexible to support future innovations. It supports QR code scanning, PIN on-glass, MSR, EMV chip and PIN, NFC for Apple Pay and Google Pay, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and includes a built-in security camera. Contactless capabilities are a major benefit for the purpose of eliminating touch points but also convenience for customers.

The clock is ticking with only a few months left until the EMV deadline. This places the responsibility on station owners for all fraudulent activity at pumps that don’t support EMV. Join us to learn about the numerous options to upgrade your pumps and protect your stations. We will provide field examples of retrofit installations and even installs with no kits. Whether it is a full pump replacement or a cost-effective, simplified retrofit, it will be critical that every station upgrades.


A retrofit, semi-integrated payment solution is cost-effective and helps eliminate touch points at the pump with contactless capabilities. The lower price is much more manageable for stations even during this time.

Sound Easy Pump Webinar on February 25 @2pm

Why Sound Easy Pump™?

Easy, Low Cost, No Down-Time

Seamless integration with no down-time and exceptional support

Lowest cost solution in the industry

Works with any major processor

Secure, compliant and reliable with built-in redundancies

Works across platforms

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