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Originally posted on RSPA

Historically POS systems have been complex with different hardware and software that all had to be installed and configured correctly to all work together. But things have been changing lately. Cloud computing, touch screens, Android computing, all in one POS units, etc. have been making the systems Plug & Play.

So, what is a VAR to do? Look for new opportunities that utilizes their existing skill set in a vertical market that is not under stress. The Petroleum vertical is one such opportunity that a traditional VAR should consider. Here is why – First of all, it is a vertical that has a mandate to move to EMV at the pump by October 2020 or they have the liability shift  just like what happened to retail a few years ago. Second, it is a huge market. It is estimated that 2 million fueling points exist with only 13 percent upgraded to support EVM as of January 2020. That means it is estimated that 1.75 million fueling points still need to be upgraded. Finally, the existing pump installers are overwhelmed and there are not enough of them to service all the stations. And most of them are focused on the big branded stations. This is means there are a lot of smaller unbranded stations that are unable to upgrade and at risk to miss the deadline.

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