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– Tobacco Reporting and Compliant Pricing Functionality Improvements Showcased at RetailNOW 2023

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (July 27, 2023) – Sound Payments, a processor-agnostic POS and payments software and technology provider, is partnering with mKonnekt, a tobacco rebate system technology company, to deliver a tobacco rebate program to the Sound POS platform.

The Sound POS team will demonstrate this new feature as well as the recent pricing functionality updates, including dual pricing, at RetailNOW 2023 at booth 209.

“We are very excited to partner with Sound POS to offer tobacco discounts and loyalty offers through our SkanData Program,” said Seshu Madabushi, Founder & CEO of mKonnekt. “We look forward to working with the entire Sound POS team to enhance everyone’s experience with the program.”Sound POS Tobacco Reporting on E800

Sound Payments is leveraging mKonnekt’s technology by using tobacco manufacturers’ loyalty and coupon programs that are offered to retailers, most often used in c-stores. This allows merchants to create reports of the daily tobacco sales combined with coupons and loyalty discounts applied to them. Once submitted, mKonnekt transmits it to the tobacco manufacturer and they pay the merchant the funds redeemed by their customers on those discounts.

“I am excited to roll out another enhancement this year and look forward to closely working with all our resellers,” said Cesar Carrasco, National Sales Manager for Sound POS. “This feature is another option that will help drive sales for Sound POS and help increase revenue for our resellers and merchants.”

Sound POS runs on a variety of devices, including the handheld A920 Pro that can operate as a stand-alone or companion solution allowing for curbside checkout and home delivery. Sound POS accepts any payment method, including card payments -magnetic, chip and contactless, and QR code payment – ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay, UnionPay, WeChat and Alipay. The system allows merchants to remotely manage inventory, pricing and discounts, run reports, sales trends and customer satisfaction all in real-time through our seamless commerce portal.

Resellers in the payments industry choose Sound POS for its ease of use, including the ability to transfer devices to a different merchant. Sound POS offers a white label option, a lower price point, a processor neutral approach, the cloud-based platform and system options such as cash discounting.

About mKonnekt

mKonnekt is a provider of marketing technology solutions utilizing data driven & AI models to drive marketing decisions. With customer behavior and journey as the core philosophy, mKonnekt has developed multiple solutions that enhances businesses’ ability to realize better marketing ROI. For more information about mKonnekt, visit www.mKonnekt.com.