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In a world where consumers demand convenience and customization more than ever before, business owners need to operate as efficiently as possible and they seek a unified resource to handle their overall businesses.

A payment terminal with the purpose of just processing credit cards is no longer enough. The ability to manage inventory, pricing/profitability, employees, customer relationships, and taxes, among others, and to do it at their place of business or remotely, are important to the success of the business. These aspects of business management are critical even to the smallest businesses. Cost continues to be an important factor in choosing the most appropriate solution, but value plays a more important role in influencing the decision to acquire a resource in this area.

Sound Payments is careful to balance the value/cost when designing solutions that are innovative and customizable, while providing all the primary features necessary on a single payment device that will manage a merchant’s day-to-day business. Whether a merchant is looking for reporting that can provide details in transaction data, payment forms, best selling products/services, low inventory alerts, and many others, Sound POS can deliver in a format compatible with all major accounting, project management, and payroll processing software packages. The ability to manage and supervise a business remotely is also crucial, especially if there are multiple locations with multiple payment terminals. Sound POS provides all the functionality of a POS terminal with a web-based interface that can run on a computer, tablet or mobile device as long as there is an internet connection.

As the payment processing industry continues to evolve, it is critical that the same occurs with the technology a merchant uses to manage their business. At Sound Payments we continue to add new features, and modify existing ones, based on the needs that our existing clients express.

Our development team works diligently whenever a significant function or need is identified to ensure that we can make it available for the business within a reasonable timeframe. In addition to adaptability as new needs arise, technical support is the other important factor when choosing which solution to deploy. The ability to get a quick response to challenges faced at the business can make or break operations and customer service at a retail establishment with disruptions having severe consequences.

Sound POS provides 24/7 merchant support and our advanced level technicians are always available to step in and work on resolving more complex situations. As organizations continue to develop and grow, Sound Payments can be that technology partner that ensures to provide resources which can help the business owner focus on running the business more effectively.